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New Promise Rings

A new design for the Etsy shop! The Princess promise ring. I made this one with a promise ring or an engagement ring in mind. It is simple and elegant, and can be matched with a band of the same style.
In sterling silver with ether a ruby or a blue sapphire it is just so rich and yummy!
I will be making another version soon, a bit bigger with a faceted stone for a more traditional look.
I just love these!!

It has been a busy past few weeks. Wholesale orders, custom work, and the openning of the new vintage supply shop.
You have to come take a look at all the goodies I have listed. More to come, too. I have to take pictures and catalog everything. It is a fun story of where I found this stuff. It is some of the exact pieces I have been purchasing off etsy. To think I had a giant stash right under my nose. Read the story in the shop bio page....

Check on the etsy fest blog for the giveaway, it will be chosen soon and you don't want to miss your chance to enter…