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In retrospect

The Holidays are my busiest time of year, so it has been a bit hectic with orders lined up on the bench.
I was laid off from my bookkeeping position in November so it was a bit scary not knowing if we would be able to have presents under the tree.
The job market being what it is right now and after a few interviews for jobs making half of what I had been, I decided to make jewelry a full time job.

Thank goodness I have an established presence and customer base on Etsy or I would not have been able to. I had already put money towards advertising for the Holidays before I was laid off, so I thought there will be no busier time to give it a whirl. I could not have done it in August.

My customers really showed up in force and I was so blessed to be able to pay all my bills and put presents under the tree. I took a few days off after the rush to catch my breath. But I can't tell you the satisfaction and the joy that comes from waking up in the morning and being able to earn money doing s…

From the Bench....

I always have a hard time with my Mom's Christmas presents. We have different taste so it is usually hard for me to pick out something for her. I think I do well picking out art for her. She says she likes it, anyway. So it has become sort of a tradition that I get her a print of some sort each year. But I make jewelry, and most everyone else's presents from me are jewelry so...
I tried a new technique with my gift for her this year. Wirewrapping.
Now I must say I don't have the patience to do this on a regular basis, but I do like how they turned out. I think I should have made them a bit smaller, but Mom lies big earrings. These are big. I added some briolette drops and freshwater pearls to luxe it up a bit.
All in all they turned out well.

From the bench...

I have been busy taking pictures today so i can hopefully get the new pieces into the Etsy Shop today. I am really happy about how the new designs turned out. Really excited! You know it is hard sometimes coming up with a new design or at least a new twist on a classic. There is so much jewelry out there that I really strive to do things I haven't seen before. So the new ruffle pieces are set with peridot and I am in the process of cropping the pictures. The ruffle pieces are in the picture above on the right. I don't think ruffle is a creative enough name for them. I will have to think about it a little longer.
The big Taos earrings are great. You know my love of silver and jewelry stems from my first passion of Native American silversmiths. They are so inspiring and amazing. Back in college I used to scour this little shop that sold Native American jewelry and pottery. I was so smitten, If I had saved any pennies to shop it would always be there.
I wonder if it is still there…