In retrospect

The Holidays are my busiest time of year, so it has been a bit hectic with orders lined up on the bench.
I was laid off from my bookkeeping position in November so it was a bit scary not knowing if we would be able to have presents under the tree.
The job market being what it is right now and after a few interviews for jobs making half of what I had been, I decided to make jewelry a full time job.

Thank goodness I have an established presence and customer base on Etsy or I would not have been able to. I had already put money towards advertising for the Holidays before I was laid off, so I thought there will be no busier time to give it a whirl. I could not have done it in August.

My customers really showed up in force and I was so blessed to be able to pay all my bills and put presents under the tree. I took a few days off after the rush to catch my breath. But I can't tell you the satisfaction and the joy that comes from waking up in the morning and being able to earn money doing something you absolutely love. I am playing it by ear, who knows what this economy will bring for any of us. But right now, I am so happy to be doing this that I might just give up my shoe addiction to keep it going.
It's been a great ride for the last month and a half. Here's to the new year.
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