The Laurel Handmade Wedding Band Set

I've been working on options for new handmade wedding sets.
This is the second in the series and a completely new design. These bands are hand built using traditional goldsmithing techniques out of sterling silver.
I am really excited about the way they turned out. Something earthy and natural but formal enough for wedding bands. I wanted to make something equally appropriate for men and women and I think that this design would be fabulous for commitment rings for GLBT ceremonies. I am really trying to get make something for those who appreciate handcrafted work and want something unique that sets them apart from the traditional and standard fare.

You know from my previous blog musings how much I love making wedding bands. I am really looking forward to exploring this new direction.
I am going to start listing the options for the wedding sets in my Etsy shop.
but until then if you would like more information on these rings or commissioning a unique custom set feel free to contact me.


Frank Zweegers said…
So beatiful those rings. It's a shame that I already bought some for my wedding :(
cscottdraw said…
wow your rings are beautiful! I am part of FEST and was just checking out some of the other blogs =) I might have to contact you for an updated wedding band later on down the road...

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