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Anniversary Band in Sterling and White Topaz

The new anniversay band. I have been wanting to make this ring for such a long time. It took me awhile to figure out the engineering of it, but all that time scratching my head paid off, I think. I am so smitten with it & how it looks with the stacking rings. It has just been added to the Etsy shop : Here It is available right now in a limited number for 64.00 I am looking forward to making these with colored gems too! I want more.

Custom Personal Icon Rings

My person Icon Rings started a couple of years ago & once in a while I add something new, like recently I added a horseshoe
and a ladybug to the the ones I offer in my Etsy shop. Sometimes customers ask for special custom icons and I am happy to create them when I can. Above are a few of the recent custom requests. A bird, a dog bone, a heart and of course the ever popular hipster mustashe. If you would like your own little personal icon ring or set contact me through my Etsy shop for info.