What's Trending in Wedding Style Right Now? What are the top trends that brides are looking for and dreaming about? Pinterest is always a good place to look to see what people are loving at the moment. Its ultra current and its fun to look at. 
Trend #1
Succulents. Oh my these beauties have taken over. Everything from bouquets to favors and decor for the big day.

I have to agree the soft colors and rustic style are so in tune with brides sentiments these days. Less formal and more personalized is the name of the game. Trend #2

Farmhouse Rustic.  Casual, comfortable, homey. Vintage pieces mixed with wood and old metal. Texture is big and the colors are muted. Do you see yourself dancing the night away in an old barn, exchanging vows in a forest clearing, or just surrounding yourself with shabby chic and homemade goodness?

Farmhouse can be as rustic or as classic as you want it to be. Vintage antiques create a sweet backdrop for photos. Mason jars make cute glassware. Pearls and vintag…
Choosing the Right Engagement Ring
Vivian From The Handmade Letter Shop on Etsy posed a few questions to me on types of engagement rings and settings and what I have come across helping my customers choose the right ring for them.
Vivian has a beautiful blog so be sure to take a minute after reading my interview to see all the great articles she has there.
Mother's Day Gift Guide 8 Things Mom would Really Love Mother's Day is fast approaching. If you are the kid that runs into CVS before brunch every year for a card and a bunch of flowers that are less than fresh, let me help you out with a few ideas that she will really love. Most are affordable and some can even be done last minute. 
1. Your Time:  Schedule a special day for you and her to spend some time together. It could be mani/pedis at the spa. A trip to her favorite museum or art event. Even a class that you can do together. "Plant nights" are a cute thing that are popping up across the country where you spend the evening making a terrarium to take home. If plants aren't her thing how about a night of wine and painting? Those things are everywhere.   
2. Plants Not the dying ones for the grocery store or the pharmacy chain. Have one of these super adorable kits shipped to her - we don't all live close enough to do plant night together, but she can build…
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Free Casting Aluminum into an Ant Hill

Ever wonder what an ant colony looks like under ground? This professor uses free casting of aluminum to make a casting of the ants tunnels. So amazing.
My TV Debut!

I made my tv debut recently on a local show here in Louisville called Great Day Live.
I was terrified! I am a very nervous public speaker - It is my biggest fear actually.
I am teaching a class at our new Artist Co-op called "Etsy Success" about tips and tricks to be a better Etsy seller.
They wanted to do a segment specifically on Selling on Etsy and the class so I was the go to. Its really great PR for the Co-op so I couldn't bring myself to say no.
My family teased me about being the next youtube sensation if I vomited on live tv, but I made it though and discovered it wasn't as hard as I thought. I just have to learn to not talk with my hands. I don't know if that is possible.
Here is the link to watch for yourself :

Ps - I'm the redhead.
Custom Wedding Set

A custom wedding set, made with a lab created emerald in a sterling silver "cake" ring.
Wedding band made with hammered sterling  center and 14kt yellow gold rolled edge. 
The cake rings are available in my etsy shop with a variety of different gemstones.