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New Gemstones

Gem Shows

When I lived in Florida I was lucky enough to live where the local Gem & Mineral Society had a huge gem show each year. I could go there and find amazing stones, and buy enough to tide me over (well almost) until the next year. Moving to a new state, I've had to relearn a lot of things I already had figured out. One of those is whether or not there is a local gem show where I can interact with vendors to get great prices on quality stones. I try really hard to keep my jewelry affordable to regular folks & getting the gemstones sourced from reliable dealers is a big part of that. Besides it is great fun & a bit of an addiction.
This past weekend there was a small show across the bridge & while there was only one vendor with loose gemstones that were not just beads, I did score some lovelies.
Sometimes it pays off to be the only one buying loose stones at a show too. One of the best scores of the day is a beautiful 4.5 ct Ruby Cabochon. I'll have to save th…

Unruly things

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Alyson from
for featuring my simple little spinner rings :
She has a lovely & stylish blog that you should check out.