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I've been featured!

I've been featured on an indie shopping blog!
I really like the set up of this one. Simple but lots of pictures to look at.
Come see ....
The first in the tufted series has been listed in the Etsy Shop.
I am so excited about these new pieces and can't wait to make more! Such fun to make and so smooth. I was fondling it like a worry stone. Sterling silver hammered into a tufted shape with an amethyst cabochon for a button.
Look for rings and earrings to match coming soon. If you don't want to wait, contact me for custom pieces and be the first!


The babies are getting bigger. I have moved them form the chicken jail (read dog crate) to a bigger space on the covered patio that is surrounded by chicken wire. I gues it is just a bigger chicken jail. the two little ones moved into the bigger digs in the crate, although their growth really seems to be stunted.
I am hopping the little one makes it. She is so tiny and is not growing well at all.
I really worry about bing able to reintergrate her into the flock.

Above is a picture of one of the frizzles. Frizzles feathers grow so that they stick out and curl. Kind of like perpetual bed head. lol Funny looking but really cute.
I do have two silkies in this mix and really hope that they are a hen and a rooster so I can breed them. They are so cool. They have black skin and grey meat. Mine are bright white and totally fuzzy balls.
I am still worried that these are all roosters instead of straight run as I had thought. I did talk my friend Gina into the idea that she needed chickens too. Her h…


Ah! free advertising that totally rocks!
On Friday I was featured in the etsy finds for the weekend specials. The email goes out through the etsy system to literally tens of thousands of people. Those tens of thousands are people already interested in buying handmade and buying it on etsy. Talk about a great targeted ad!
The etsy finds also goes up on the the etsy blog called the Storque. People who are on etsy and don't get the email can see it too.
According to my google analytics for the shop, on Friday when it came out my views were up by 4 times the normal amount and my bounce rate was in the low 30s. View were still double normal on Saturday and bounce rate was in the low 40s, which is about the same as a front page appearance in the middle of the day. I had great sales numbers as well considering the recent drop off in sales over the past two weeks. Which is much better than the front page!

What does all this mean? It means that when selling your product finding specifical…

Special Sale

A Valentine's Day special for the Etsy shop!
Now through Feb. 14th free First Class shipping with Insurance for all jewelry pieces.
Additional special offer for mailing list subscribers, twitter followers, and facebook friends.

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Go to the etsy shop and get some beauties for your beauty.