Ah! free advertising that totally rocks!
On Friday I was featured in the etsy finds for the weekend specials. The email goes out through the etsy system to literally tens of thousands of people. Those tens of thousands are people already interested in buying handmade and buying it on etsy. Talk about a great targeted ad!
The etsy finds also goes up on the the etsy blog called the Storque. People who are on etsy and don't get the email can see it too.
According to my google analytics for the shop, on Friday when it came out my views were up by 4 times the normal amount and my bounce rate was in the low 30s. View were still double normal on Saturday and bounce rate was in the low 40s, which is about the same as a front page appearance in the middle of the day. I had great sales numbers as well considering the recent drop off in sales over the past two weeks. Which is much better than the front page!

What does all this mean? It means that when selling your product finding specifically targeted advertising can do more for your sales than hundreds of dollars spent casting a wide net.
This advertising is not something I can easily repeat as I am not in control of what is picked. I am sure going to keep trying to get featured, though.
It's been a great boost, and created a lot of interest. I couldn't be happier!!


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