The babies are getting bigger. I have moved them form the chicken jail (read dog crate) to a bigger space on the covered patio that is surrounded by chicken wire. I gues it is just a bigger chicken jail. the two little ones moved into the bigger digs in the crate, although their growth really seems to be stunted.
I am hopping the little one makes it. She is so tiny and is not growing well at all.
I really worry about bing able to reintergrate her into the flock.

Above is a picture of one of the frizzles. Frizzles feathers grow so that they stick out and curl. Kind of like perpetual bed head. lol Funny looking but really cute.
I do have two silkies in this mix and really hope that they are a hen and a rooster so I can breed them. They are so cool. They have black skin and grey meat. Mine are bright white and totally fuzzy balls.
I am still worried that these are all roosters instead of straight run as I had thought. I did talk my friend Gina into the idea that she needed chickens too. Her husband is building her a coop, and I told her she was welcome to a few of the roosters.

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