From the bench...

I have been busy taking pictures today so i can hopefully get the new pieces into the Etsy Shop today. I am really happy about how the new designs turned out. Really excited! You know it is hard sometimes coming up with a new design or at least a new twist on a classic. There is so much jewelry out there that I really strive to do things I haven't seen before. So the new ruffle pieces are set with peridot and I am in the process of cropping the pictures. The ruffle pieces are in the picture above on the right. I don't think ruffle is a creative enough name for them. I will have to think about it a little longer.
The big Taos earrings are great. You know my love of silver and jewelry stems from my first passion of Native American silversmiths. They are so inspiring and amazing. Back in college I used to scour this little shop that sold Native American jewelry and pottery. I was so smitten, If I had saved any pennies to shop it would always be there.
I wonder if it is still there in West Lafayette....
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