From the Bench...

I am doing a custom order of a variation of a stack ring set from my Esty shop. Did that make any sense? lol

I have a stacking set called "vines" in the Etsy shop that are three sterling bands with little silver dots on them. The "vine" set is wavy and undulating (as vines tend to be), but a customer wanted them straight and also ordered a couple bangles to match.

Here they are before they go into the tumbler.

The band part has been oxidized, because if you
my jewelry some part of it has to be oxidized.
The little dots or balls that are attached have been polished on the high points for a really
nice contrast.

I have some hearts on the way into the shop.
They are in the tumbler as well. The hearts will
be able to be personalized, so they should be fun. Ohhh, I almost forgot. Some great circle earrings are in the tumbler too and should be posted sometime this weekend or Monday latest.

I went shopping for a new torch yesterday. I came home empty handed. Don't you just hate it when you want to spend money and can't find what you are looking for. Too bad I couldn't have a custom made etsty torch.....hello alchemy.....


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