More about the weather....

I have so much more on my plate to worry about than weather, really, but it seems to be a common subject so far on this blog. So today finds most of Florida hunkering down for Fay.
She is still tropical storm Fay and not hurricane Fay, so that is a plus. The storm trackers have her hitting the west coast and just giving us on the east coast some blustery weather for a few days.
The keys have been evacuated of tourists, and are getting the brunt of it today.
45 mile an hour winds are predicted for my area. That means all the stuff out side that can blow around has to come inside.... Doesn't Mother Nature realize I have orders to fill?

If you want to follow Fay's progress there are a bunch of neat things to look at here:

So if I am quiet for a few days...maybe I lost electricity.


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