The Post has posted...

The neighborhood section of the Palm beach Post came out today with the article about me and the jewelry.
Is there away not to be self conscience when you see yourself posted on the web? I don't know if it's possible. The reporter asked some random questions like who would you most like to have dinner with, etc. It is really hard for me to be as out going as I'd like in that sort of setting.
That whole public speaking thing, just freaks me out. You put yourself and your work out there. It's like taking a leap off a cliff.
I guess if we all have personal battles to fight, I am ok with that being mine. I'll keep working on being fabulous in an interview for when I become famous.

I wish the article had shown the jewelry more. The article in the print paper has the etsy website address so that is totally awesome, and is much better than the 1 minute video clip that they posted online. Hopefully, it is interesting enough to warrant some people to go look at etsy.

The video feed was fun but it has since been burried somewhere on the post website so I have editied this post to remove the old links.


dani c said…
I have to say, thank you very much for the wonderful comment at etsy. I'm glad that my blog makes people laugh. I'm also happy that I'm not on the "pretentious" list either :).
Also you're jewelry is very beautiful as well as unique. I wish you the best...

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