Almost finished

I showed the sketch to bench progress photos of this piece a little bit ago. I thought I would add another sneak peek. It's not quite finished. I want to shorten the middle chain, clean up the edges and finish setting the bezel. I really like incorporating the majolica in the jewelry. They are some of my favorite pieces I have made. The majolica was my first love so to speak, so I guess I am still really attached to the process.

You can scroll back on the blog to get a quick lesson in majolica, and see the original sketch of this piece.

I am debating the opening of a second Etsy shop to sell findings. The price of silver seems to be going down daily and that makes it easier for someone like me hand making findings to compete with the pricing of commercially factory made findings. I think that the competition on Etsy is all jumbled together and it is getting harder and harder to find the handmade findings in the sea of commercial supplies.
But I really think that there is a strong market for handmade, and it is getting stronger daily, so that makes me think that it may be a good idea. I am thinking I need to make up larger quantities before I start listing findings, we'll see how that goes. I seem to get lost on the computer and before I know it I have wasted a bunch of time.
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hi! your creation is so fab!!!
I have my own blog on art/design/life dramasss( what a combo right!?) hee... Feel free to check it out & leave a comment or two.. ok. luvvvv...ETSY! I promote the arts in my blog...hope u'd enjoy it as well!

take care & many blessings to you!

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