From the Bench.....

On the bench lately has been a whole lot of
unfinished stuff, lol....
But I have been experimenting. Circles seem to be taking up the focus of my brain lately, and I have been running with it. I am trying to find a way to make an eternity band from circles without making myself crazy in the process.
Creating a ring with handmade individual circles is a lot of work.
First, I hand form a coil and use a jewelers saw to cut the coil into
individual rings which are all soldered closed.
the soldered rings are hammered and soldered together
to form the ring. It is a bit time consuming and not very practical
for a seemingly simple piece of jewelry.

I really like the look of the piece so I am going to continue to experiment to make it a viable piece for the shop... any metal smiths out there have a short cut?

I also have been experimenting with patinas and really
would love to expand the color palette on the patinas
I use. I love the green, and it is a natural true patina, but I want more color.

We'll have to see where it leads.


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