Thank you Sir may I have another........

Can you believe all the hurricanes one after another? We went for a few years without much activity so they must have been saving it all up. Fay has drenched our sandy soil, Hanna skirted by us creating more rain, and Ike has most of South Florida stocking up on supplies.
There is standing water in everyone's yards, everything is wet and mushy. Even the hot South Florida Sun has not dried up all the water. My fear with Ike is that the track has him turning to the south yesterday (yippee!) but he will skate by close enough to create a lot of rain and cause severe flooding because out soil just can't hold any more water.

As of this morning they have Ike going almost due west over Cuba and missing us completely.
Here's the tracking:
Let's all cross our fingers.... The problem with hurricanes though is that if they miss you they soon become some other persons nightmare, and I really wouldn't want to wish it on anyone else.

So I haven't posted in awhile because being the first weeks of school my daughter brought home all the kid germs floating around and of course, I caught them all. I have been sick for about a week. Sore throat, head cold type of thing. I am just not getting much accomplished in the studio because by the time I get home from work I am just too tired. I have lots of half finished pieces to work on and some pictures to take.

I will be at it again these next few days, so I will be posting again soon, unless Ike makes a u-turn.


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