The first of the new quartz pendants has been added to the shop today.
As well as the two new circle pendants that I showed you in progress awhile back.
It's been busy here as usual, but my daughter was ill yesterday at school and I had to go get her. Nothing serious just the usual stomach ickiness, but it did allow me to get a great deal of work done yesterday, because I got to go home early from work. I had a banner day in the Etsy shop. I think it was my best ever.

I went back to read my last few posts and it seems all I write about is being tired all the time. I guess that just comes with the fullness of my life and my love for staying up late to watch John Stewart and Steven Colbert. The sun has come back to Florida though, and that always sends the drearies away. I don't think I could live somewhere where it rained and was grey all the time. It so effects my mood.
Living here in Florida spoils a person. Not that we all run to the beach and get tan when we have a few minutes free. You will seldom see a person who lives in Florida over the age of 30 who has a tan. They are busy with life. I do regularly get a farmers sunburn in a big V on my chest from standing at the park for a flag-football game, but that is about as much color as I get. Cause, ya know, it gets hot out there in the sun.

One of the chickens has taken to hopping the fence in a jail break daily to the neighbor's horse corral. She spends all day there scratching in the dirt and then hops back over the fence to go back in the coop at night. I wouldn't mind so much, but I think she is laying her eggs somewhere over there. I imagine there might be a pile in some corner of their property, but I hope not. I am going to try to clip her wings a bit, but she is just hopping the fence and not really using her wings at all . Maybe I can make the fence a bit taller. We'll see.

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Cymbaline said…
your jewelry is gorgeous! i went and gave you a heart~ i especially love the dark moon quartz pendant, it's so luminous!

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