New stack rings are being listed in the etsy shop!
Grey moonstone, carnelian and peridot are the first ones I made but a set with the grey
moonstone and alternating oxidized and bright silver bands was listed first. I am
having such a hard time getting the gemstones to photograph well. they all end up looking like ovals instead of circles.
I am having a very hard time lately with my pictures. I have a new rose gold dots series that I can't get to photograph well either so I am scrapping all the pictures and starting over. I have to get busy though, did you know Christmas is just around the corner....(grinning)!

I am tired, so I am slow to getting things going this week. It has been busy with kids events and such. Homecoming is next week, so are exams. Lots to do and not enough time in the day. I know that everyone says that the world is falling down around our ears, but in the last week my sales took an up swing. Maybe some of that elusive consumer confidence is coming back. Maybe people just want to buy a reasonably priced bit of shiny happiness to make them feel a bit better about the world falling down. I dunno.
I am pretty stoked about it for what ever reason.

I did get featured on a blog. A really cool and well read blog. It was the 8th of October and it brought quite a bit of new traffic to the Etsy shop. The blog is Creature Comforts if you want to take a look.
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Lindsay said…
Hi, I found your shop through the "shop local" button on Etsy (I'm in North Palm Beach), and your jewelry is really beautiful! I just figured I'd comment to let you know that you have a new fan. :)


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