Oh to be a parent....

When a new mom or soon to be mom asks for my advice as to what to expect, I seldom tell them the truth as to not completely freak them out and send them home crying. Being a parent means that not only are you lovingly responsible for your child's well being, but for all the children of every club or team they ever join. As a team mom you feed, clothe, and nurse those children. As a club parent you will organize fund raisers, staff events, travel half way around the country and back again. If you have any particular talent you will be called on to use that talent be it in finance as the clubs treasurer or organizational skills, or tapping into your contact list for donations.

Why this bit of parenting truth today? I am making spirit ribbons. I have in the past made spirit bracelets for 140 cheerleaders, and spirit charms for football players. Right now it is spirit ribbons. I am woefully behind on this particular fundraiser and have just a few weeks to crank out the rest of these. That big pile on the table that blocks my path int he studio is not even half of what my goal is to get finished.
I did however finish applying the handmade stickers to 120 flashlights after designing, printing and cutting.

So what's the alternative? There isn't one. As a parent you will support your child in their adventures. You will organize, and travel, and whatever else you are called upon to do, even spirit ribbons, because that my dear friends is how you are involved in your child's life. This is when they will tell you things; when you sit all day together at an event bored to tears, or spend a long weekend in a hotel far from home. That is how you foster and nurture well adjusted people to send forth into the world.

So the next time your kid has a parent meeting for a sport or a club. For Pete's sake, raise your hand. Volunteer. Join in. Otherwise, the parents who do will sit at that event and talk about you and how mal-adjusted your child is. Really, we will. :)
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