My 15 minutes of almost fame....

So it seems my big debut that I have been waiting month and months to be published.... you know the bit with the photos of my jewelry in ME Home Companion.... well it seems that ME's is looking for a new publisher because theirs is dropping them! 'Scuse me ... I read it.. isn't that enough.
So it seems that my jewelry will not yet be seen by a national audience in print. Ah well... maybe they will find a new publisher print the march edition and make me famous! if at least not famous how about busy with sales!
The economy is in the tank and that makes it hard for artists to make a living 'ya know. This Christmas season is so much slower than last year. Even with the new ads out it is just so very slow... I know, I know ...everyone is saving their pennies just to be sure they can pay the mortgage, but for gosh sakes did everyone forget it is the Holidays? Go shopping... boost the economy from the bottom up...I know I'll do my part!
Starting with the artists on etsy..


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