You know I just love color! It is reflected in my metal work and my majolica pottery. Color is just so much fun.
So I have fallen for this new technique that I blogged about last week. It is sort of a cross between a patina and a coloring book!
I am just reeling with new ideas for it. These are the latest... balloons.

Remember that song from the 80's.. Nena's 99 luftballons? That's what I have been signing because of these sweet things! My kids think I am nuts, walking around the house signing in German...well more nuts than usual. You know you can see it on youtube! Youtube is a marvelous thing for seeing obscure and random things from the past...but I digress.

I listed the red balloon necklace and the red ring in the Etsy shop....just scroll down and click..

What can I color next.....
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