From the bench....

You all know how I love my patinas. I have been experimenting
with a new blue. The blues is a soft robins egg turquoise which is quite lovely.
I have only tried it on brass and copper so far. It yielded fabulous results on the raw brass but turned white on the copper.
More tests are needed for the copper because it might just have been the shape rather that the metal of what I was trying to patina. I think the piece may have been grabbing too much of the patina solution.

Here is one on the new pieces in the blue. It is a vintage brass stamping in a paisley shape. I have added bezel set prehenite in this piece and placed it on an oxidized sterling silver chain. I really like how the blue turned out.

It has been a slow week so far and I am all caught up with orders. I have listed new pieces in the Etsy shop and made cookies too. My favorite oatmeal choc chip. I am a bit on the antsy side with nothing scheduled to do in the studio.
So I am looking for things to do but end up wasting far too much time on the computer.

Looking forward to Valentine's Day orders to get me going again.....
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