The new gems have arrived

The new gemstones arrived today. What a spectacle. They traveled far and looked the part. The mail lady even had a comment on how cool the package looked.
The box was wrapped in cloth and sealed with wax and stamped to hold the thread in place that it was sewn up with.
A lovely muslin with dark cinnabar sealing wax. So beautiful in itself. My daughter was so enamoured with this wrapping that she had to come tell me while I was in the shower.

I opened it to find my gems wrapped old school style in gem papers with pencil labels. I was so excited to open each little parcel. I had ordered 1 each of 7 different stones specially cut to replace the quartz on the dark moon pendant which is no longer available.

I must say right off the bat that the ones that I thought would be nothing like what I wanted turned out to be the most lovely. There is a grey agate that looks grey at first blush but shimmers a golden earthy brown that really gives the stone a lot of life and character. My second favorite is the smokey quartz another dark and mysterious brown. The third that holds lots of possibility is the clear frosted, which when I put the oxidized metal behind it will be lovely, but I can also see adding color behind the stone for endless possibilities.
How to add the color is the question.


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