New items in Etsy Shop

I have been busy the past week or so and I have added a bunch of new designs to the etsy shop.
Two new designs in the Tutu line and two new pairs of tribal hoops like the ones pictured above.
A new pendant and earrings that are a new feather design and there are more to come!
I have pictures to take of a new pair of mod earrings in sterling and blue patina copper.
I have had a burst of creativity lately, and have a couple of big orders to get out. It seems I am always more creative when I am busy.

Busy makes me a bit nervous too. I always stress that I won't meet my deadlines. This week I am making a new necklace for my daughter to wear to prom. We designed it together and it's something new so I always sweat about if it will turn out, and if I can get it the way I see it in my head. She has a fabulous dress and she will look like a movie star.

My youngest and I both are a bit under the weather so it makes getting things done more difficult. I would rather be nursing my flu in bed, but I have things to do! I really am working in my pajamas though this week and maybe taking a nap or two along the way.
My head feels like it weighs about 50 lbs, and I didn't know so much snot could come out of a person. Eww. Prom's on Friday so I have to stop writing and get back to work. Maybe I'll go get some juice first and maybe a little nap.......
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