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I keep saying that I am going to blog. I keep promising myself I will get it done tomorrow, but alas, it always gets put off. Tossed to the bottom of the to do list. I will do better. I promise to update you on the chickens this week. It's been along time since I posted pictures and they have gotten so much bigger and cuter!

I am getting ready for a big night a week from Friday. Working my little fingers to the bone making jewelry. Why? I am going to be showing at the "Pretty in the City" event for the Susan G. Komen fundraiser. Lots of women, lots of wine, and lots of girlie stuff like jewelry and spa products. It should be a great time, but it lasts way past my bed time! I am sure I will need a few days to recoop and so will my DH. I am taking him along to help me, 'cause you know he is the talker in the family.
If you are near West Palm on May 15th come say "hi" and support a great cause. : http://sunny1043.com/Pretty-In-The-City/2043940

The above picture is of two of the new rings in the shop. I have been on a bit of a "promise ring" tangent lately and these two are the duchess rings. They have either a green peridot or a pink lab-sapphire. Next week I will make them with a faceted blue topaz and citrine. They really look fabulous stacked together with the other promise rings. I think I am going to list them in sets soon. You are the first to see them! A sneak peek! They will be in the Etsy shop tomorrow.
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Your rings are beautiful! Good luck at the show!

jewelry stores said…
Sooooo lovely! I wish you all the best for the show! I hope you will have a great time! ..
jewelry said…
wow!!! what a beautiful ring....

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