Rain, Rain go away....

It has been raining for two weeks. I thought this was called the sunshine state.
Everything is soggy and completely saturated with water.
Including the ground.
The chicken coop has turned into a giant mud pit better suited for pigs than chickens.
The coop itself is waterlogged the wood is all buckling and I can't latch the door without
a great deal of effort. The chickens don't seem to mind, although they do not look their best.
Yesterday we had a raccoon climb into the coop in broad daylight. A very unusual event
and it usually means certain death for one of the feathered babies.
It did not bother the chickens though, just happily ate the chicken feed of the ground
until I ran screaming and waving a big stick at it.
It ran off under the shed, which being made of metal made a huge noise when I banged on it with the big stick I was brandishing.
You see, this is why I make a very bad Buddhist and I am doomed to never reach inner peace. I wanted to get that raccoon just for mearly scaring my chickens or the possibility of calling one of them his dinner. I know it is the natural order of things and the raccoon is another living being that does not deserve my beating it with a big stick (although he was much too fast for me).
I just can't get that mama bear impulse out of my system to protect the vulnerable. I guess it is that hippy liberal in me that overrides all else. I did just buy a great maxi tie dye skirt from India from one of the other vendors at the last show I did. My kids think I am crazy for wearing it. The roosters think it's fabulous!

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QuirkyDolls said…
I too am very sick of the rain. I have some dolls to photograph and no sunshine during my work hours.
I too would have scared off the racoon. Myabe it's the "circle of life" and all, but do the circle somewhere I don't have to witness it!

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