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I am a member of a wonderful group of Crafty Etsians from Florida who have created a team on Etsy. I am lucky enough to have an interview featured on the Fest blog. if you would like to know just a bit more about me come take a look and read the interview:

FEST: Interview with Jorgensen Studio

There is also a giveaway on the FEST blog this month from Aquarian Bath for handmade soap.
I absolutely adore handmade soap. I have been using it exclusively for over a year now as a body soap and also as a shampoo. I cannot tell you how much better my hair and scalp are - the difference is amazing.
Handmade soap smells fabulous too. Not the traditional soapy smell but anything you like.
I love to buy soap from a new maker and have in my bathroom right now some made of beer (yes beer) and some divine smelling pineapple brulee'. Whatever you scent preference you can find your scent in handmade soap.

Go enter the Fest giveaway and try handmade soap. Once you do you'll never go back to commercial soap again.

click here : FEST Blog Giveaway


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