A new kind of Locket- The Memory Keeper

Inspired by Victorian Mourning Jewelry

An new idea for a locket I had finally made it off the bench and into the Etsy shop.
I wanted to make a locket inspired by antique Victorian morning jewelry. Victorian mourning jewelry - usually pendants and brooches- were made of metal, agate, and most of the time a lock of hair that was braided or woven under glass. A memento of the beloved to be carried with the mourner. These pieces are so striking and personal that I was instantly enthralled with the idea.
How to make a modern representation of the Victorian mourning jewelry?
What I began to search for was a vintage carbuncle. What is a carbuncle? They are usually pieces of gemstone (like quartz ) or glass that has a hollow concave back. Perfect for setting something under.
Months went by and I stumbled upon some fabulous vintage carbuncles from another Etsy seller. They couldn't be more perfect so I bought all she had.
These vintage glass carbuncles have raised ridges on the top so you can see the colors of what is set beneath but only the wearer knows what the locket contains.
I set the carbuncle in sterling silver bezel I custom made to fit. I then had to ponder what to set behind the glass. I could add three dimensional items, so it was hard to choose what little mementos I would add to my locket. I chose a lock of hair from each of my daughters (one was from her very first haircut), a piece of my husbands Scottish tartan (he has a clan & a tartan, and a Clan castle in Scotland, how cool is that), a piece of my son's football jersey from the team when my husband coached him, and pictures of my grandparents.

I could have added a quote, or a fortune cookie fortune but I of course have lost the one I had been carrying around. The possibilities are almost endless.
I did not want to make it to literal of a piece of mourning jewelry, but a collection of the people who are special to me, some here and some passed. I could have just added mementos from the children to make a Mother's piece. That is the great thing about this locket you can customize it to include almost what ever you want (size of course being a wee bit of a factor).

Once the locket is finished the items are permanently encased behind the glass. Completely personal. Would be great for a totally unique Mother's Day gift.


Nicola said…
What a beautiful idea & I love the ridged finish!
nicola x

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