Wedding sets keep my fingers busy

Sometimes customers have their own special gemstones that carry history with them. A grandmothers diamond, a special gift, a purchase from a special trip. These memories attach themselves to our mementos that we carry through life. It's not very Buddhist, but for most of us it is true. Objects have a special meaning beyond their physical worth.
Sometimes I am intrusted to work with these special bits of cherished memory. This was the case with this lovely purple blue Ceylon sapphire. It really shows off its color in the bright silver princess set.
I would say that at least 1/4-1/3 of the work I do is custom. I think it is really tremendously rewarding to be able to create something that will be a cherished bit of personal history and a bit humbling.


Bracelets said…
This ring looking so smart and nice it is best for gift i really like this stone color.
Thanks for sharing.

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