Custom Wedding Sets and New Ideas

A very special wedding set, made with a wide band and a large rose cut garnet.
A beautiful looking ring that reminds me of Mary Queen of Scots.
Opulent and Rich with warm tones and lots of detail. On its way to its new home.

I do quite a bit of custom work for my customers and I must say I really love it. It not only expands my imagination to try new things but it expands my skills as a metalsmith because I have to work out the crafting of the piece and how it needs to come together.

Sometimes in this process, I see new possibilities about how a new piece can be made or an idea develops in a totally new direction. Sometimes a new piece develops from that trial & error of engineering a custom piece.

That is how the lotus ring & earrings came into being. I posted the custom ring that I was working on already on the blog. But while I was testing the pieces, what size they needed to be & how they fit together, I fell in love with the simple petal shape & the lotus rings sprung from that simple form:

Shown in Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, and Natural Blue Sapphire
Available here in the Etsy Shop : Lotus Ring


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